When Hideki moves from Hokkaido to Tokyo to attend college, he quickly finds that big city life is much different than he imagined. The widespread use of Persocoms (personal computers designed to look and act like animals or humans) especially astounds him and makes him feel slightly inferior since Hideki cannot afford one. However, when he finds a discarded Persocom in the trash named Chi, Hideki sets about fixing it up only to find that she can somehow operate without an OS, forcing Hideki to wonder if she is, in fact, real. In these episodes, Minoru works hard to figure out the mystery of the legendary Chobits and whether or not Chi is related to them. Along the way, he encounters many shady characters and nearly exhausts himself in the process. Hideki, on the other hand, devotes himself to figuring out what kind of feelings he can truly have for a Persocom. What he decides will impact every Persocom, and have great significance for both him and Chi.

Special Features

Full Colour Art Gallery, Original Ending Animation X 3, All 3 Recap Episodes, Chibits Featurette

Technical Details

Region 2

Genre: Japanese Anime

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