Kharkov 1943 is a ground-breaking war game uniquely dedicated to the last great German victory in the east. Our carefully researched archival military records put you on that battlefield. Opposing commanders control battalion and near-brigade strength battle groups locked in a fight to the death.

Kharkov 1943 in-game god-mode camera gives you the ability to zoom into close quarter combat action and observe individual unit combat result battle detail. The enemy is relentless. "Hold what you/ve got!" There will be no retreat. There will be no surrender.


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Separate DVD documentary The History of The German Panzer 1914 - 1945 which includes rare unseen footage.

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Great replayability and flexible AI behaviour: "smart" AI analyses tactical movements of player and chooses the best strategy based on opponents/ behaviour rather than follows scripts. It allows to play the same scenarios using different tactics as though playing with human player.

Thorough recreation of weapons, artillery and vehicles: all battle characteristics including missile trajectories or number of crew were modelled according to military archive materials and WW2 chronicles.

Dynamic change of day & night and weather effects: affecting combat - terrain traversal, visibility on the battlefield, disguise abilities of all forces etc.

Destructible environment: blast and destroy almost everything, from ground terrain to houses and enemy defences. All traces of previous battles (shell-holes, broken vehicles, corpses, etc.) are left on the battlefield till the end of the scenario.

Real ballistics: bullets and projectiles follow authentic trajectories. Proper shot longitude, number of frags and their range are calculated.

Real vehicle damage system: engine, suspension, weapons, aiming appliances can all be damaged separately, affecting the combat abilities of the vehicle.

Real soldiers/ behaviour: every soldier has some basic parameters such as experience level, fatigue and moral, affecting his behaviour and effectiveness

Military Encyclopaedia: 3D model viewer and detailed data on all units, describing their historical and in-game characteristics.

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