Far to the east, beyond the devil-haunted towers of Zamora and the wind-tossed waves of the Vilayet Sea, the Empire of Khitai spirals slowly into chaos. The tendrils of darkness spread through the lands, tainting them.

The Hyrkanians, kept at bay for thousands of years by the Great Wall, now spill across the Northern Grasslands in a wave of savage slaughter.

Let the Rise of the Godslayer begin!


Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Rise of the Godslayer expansion pack

Unique puma in-game pet

Virtual item starter package

30 days of game time

Begin your adventure as a Khitan, an all-new character race. Venture into the land of Khitai as you embark on new quests and acquire new rewards.

Pick your side! Join one of many warring factions of Khitai, complete assignments for them and slaughter their enemies to reap the exclusive rewards.

Follow in the footsteps of Conan himself, discover that the actions of the great barbarian have caused a great upheaval in this far flung land.

Explore from the back of two new mounts, the Wolf and the Tiger. These creatures will follow by your side and will grow into ferocious fighting companions!

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