AGON transports you to England as it existed at the turn of the 20th century. A horse and carriage clip-clopping down a cobblestone street on a misty evening set the mood for the introduction of Professor Samuel Hunt, a mild-mannered scientist working late into the night.

The chance perusal of The Illustrated London News front page reveals that a large number of so far uncategorized and often unidentifiable artefacts have arrived this month to the warehouse of the British Museum. The professor already knows this, of course, since he works at the museum.

But then Professor Hunt finds a letter from someone known only as W.K. This mysterious writer tells the professor, I know you enough to put my trust in you to keep my most precious secret. This person says that only the professor can solve the mystery of the unknown artefacts.

Attached to the letter is a page written in illuminated script. Its unknown author talks of a Black King and a mission to find all those places where the last masters of the lost board games live. The ancient parchment ends with this declaration: I am in search of the Agon!

The Inciting Event
And thus Professor Hunt finds his world turned upside down. Compelled to act, he decides to learn more about the mysterious artefacts in the museum. Solving that riddle, however, is merely the first step in a journey that will take him around the world, from the polar circle to Madagascar, to the Spanish city of Toledo and beyond. In fact, the professor has been tasked with travelling to 12 corners of the world to complete his quest.

AGON is broken into chapters, three being available on this release. Eventually, there will be 14 in all, each more difficult and challenging than the previous one. By the end, Professor Hunt will have, hopefully, not only discovered the lost board games but safely recovered them and brought them back to the museum for display.

Perhaps then he will receive proper recognition from the museum director for his accomplishments.

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