Mata Hari is a classic Point & Click Adventure based on the astonishing life of famous Mata Hari, beautiful exotic dancer on one side and perilous spy on the other. A fascinating story of power battles, espionage, love and betrayal unfolds before your eyes. Will the player succeed in preventing Matas imminent execution?

With beautiful, historical 3D animated settings and top-notch game design by designer legends Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein, Mata Hari offers hours of challenging and entertaining game play.


Enjoy a Point & Click adventure game in Europe of the Belle Epoque around 1910

Take on the role of the legendary spy Mata Hari

Apply your female charms and your manipulative skills to find out about explosive military secrets

Explore dozens of beautiful, atmospherically rendered 3D locations

Experience different endings, depending on how skilful you play

Risk your neck in dangerous spy missions

Apply your unbeatable talent for exotic dancing

Muck around with your pursuers by using your advanced spy skills in thrilling mini games

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