Fighting in the heart of modern day Tokyo, players must battle to destroy a parasite infection that has swarmed around Japans most famous city.

Following closely in the vein of other Japanese fighters such as Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, players front an elite ninja fighting force formed to destroy parasites known as Alpha worms that have infected the coast and are spreading towards Japans capital. Blending over-the-top theatrics with the gritty realism of a real city, Ninja Blade creates an interesting take on a well-worn genre. Using Ninja Vision, players can analyse enemies for weaknesses to exploit, or search for secret paths and hidden information scattered across Tokyos rooftops.

A huge variety of ninja tools and weaponry are on hand, forcing players to pick and choose the best for each situation. More traditional ninja weapons such as dual-wielded blades join grapple wire hooks and grenades. Adding to the games cinematic style, quick-time events let players interact with cutscenes, with button presses flashing on the screen and rewarding players for quick reflexes.

With its outlandish cinematics and vast weaponry, Ninja Blade isnt a title that takes itself too seriously. But with its real-world locations and refined combat it fits in with Japans growing collection of slick action fighters.

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