The year is 2405, and scientists have discovered technology allowing for faster-than-light travel. But at the brink of a new era, tragedy strikes: the first interstellar colony ship is destroyed and Earth is ravaged by an unknown alien race.

We are not alone...

Create the ultimate empire in Sword of the Stars Complete Collection including the expansions: Born of Blood, A Murder of Crows, and Argos Naval Yard. In classic 4X style, eXplore star systems, claim planets to eXpand your empire, eXploit resources and eXterminate your enemies in tactical battles.

In a universe where weakness means extinction, Are you ready to wield the sword of the stars?



Unique hybrid gameplay gives sweeping, turn-based Empire building as well as epic real-time 3D battles

Six distinct races with unique advantages and methods of interstellar travel

Dynamic environments and random events add to the experience

Over 12 campaign scenarios to play alone or with friends

Research over 200 technologies on a dynamic tech tree

Over 100 weapons in 11 different classes

Multiplayer for up to eight players

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