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Scenes of extreme violence and torture are not what youd normally expect from a game featuring cuddly teddy bears, but this is definitely not a game for kids. Its got more in common with Manhunt than Mario, as you take the role of the picked-upon Naughty Bear.

Naughty Bear just wants to be loved - at first anyway

Furry vengeance doesnt come any more brutal

After being mocked and ignored by the other bears once too often, Naughty Bear cracks and sets out on a stuffing soaked road to revenge. His weapons are limited at first so he has to use stealth to stalk his prey and set-up carefully planned traps to catch his victims and set-off a gruesome execution.

As you progress more and more weapons and objects become available, from simple clubs and knifes to giant cooking pots and fiery death traps. If the game had realistic graphics itd never be allowed but since its only teddy bears youre torturing its all good, clean sadistic fun.

Key Features

  • Woodland Horror: Become gamings most unlikely serial killer as you take control of the seriously unhinged, and seriously violent, Naughty Bear.
  • Cuddly Stalker: Track other bears from the shadows with your stealth skills and then attack with gruesome melee weapons and hand-to-hand (or paw-to-paw) combat.
  • Bear Baiting: Set-up complex traps and lure your hapless victims to their deaths, from boiling vats to campsite fires and other fur-rending torture devices.
  • Fur Fighters: Play classic online modes such as capture the flag and king of the hill as you recruit neutral bears to your cause and lead an army of stuffed teddies.
  • World Record : Compete for the label of worlds naughtiest bear with real-time online leaderboards that track your every ultra violent move.

About the Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M)
The largest independent developer in Canada, this long-running studio was formed in 1992 and has worked on a wide range of licensed games, particularly kids film tie-ins. Recently though theyve branched out with their own more adult-orientated titles, including WET and Naughty Bear.

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