Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada - PS4

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De Spirit of Sanada is een game uit de Samurai Warriors lijn en zal jou heel wat uren meeslepen in een spanned verhaal
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Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada - PS4

The next entry in the Samurai Warriors franchise will be released in the West this spring as Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada. Samurai Warriors is a historical tactical action game, retelling the events of the 16th century conflict known as the Sengoku era: the Age of Samurai! For the first time in the Samurai Warriors franchise the focus is solely on the legendary Sanada Clan, and their own unique story. The Sanada clan is picked for two reasons. The first is their unique resilience and constant effort to overcome difficulties. In an age when most samurai would commit suicide if they thought they were about to be defeated, the Sanadas considered life precious, and would fight until the very end to try and turn the situation to their advantage. Their motto: Survive until life is no more resonated strongly through all members of the clan; from their patriarch, Masayuki, to his famous son, Yukimura, who is the key protagonist of the game. Each Japanese clan has their own banner symbolising the key beliefs of their lords family. For the Sanada that emblem was 6 gold coins on a field of red. This might seem simple, but in fact it symbolises the fare that a soul needs to pay the ferry man to cross the river to the afterlife, and so it showed their upmost dedication to every battle they took part in: if they were on your side, they would fight till the very end. The game introduces players to the unique Sanada clan through closely following the life of Yukimura Sanada and his rise from a young man to someone hailed by many as the strongest warrior in Japan. In Spirit of Yukimura Sanada, players can live through the heroic tale of his life depicted from his birth during the Mayasuki Sanada era up to his heroic end at the Siege of Osaka. Yukimura was known as the Crimson Demon of War for his impressive skills in combat, and players will grow alongside him through his many battles which are played out in our trademark one-versus-thousands Warriors style gameplay! A long-requested character to the Samurai Warriors series is his father, Mayasuki, which will have his playable debut in Spirit of Sanada. Through the years before Yukimuras birth, players will follow Mayasuki and get a greater insight to how this clan rose from the ranks to become a force to be reckoned with.

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Tecmo Koei
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26 mei 2017
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Playstation 4
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