• An open-ended storyline that allows players to choose their path to fortune and glory - play as a privateer, mercenary, smuggler, trader or any combination of these tweaking your ships capabilities and tactics to best suit your style of playFully customise your ship with weapons, engines, shields and over 200 distinct components. Purchase the parts you need, or capture them from enemy ships. Turn the DarkStar One into a heavily armed freighter, fast attack boat, cruiser or whatever you like, all based on a massive variety of customisation options
  • Explore a universe comprised of more than 400 solar systems populated by six distinct alien races. Befriend aliens and trade with them for new equipment, or gun them down and take their technology, the choice is yours
  • A stunning HD-powered 3D graphics engine immerses the player in thrilling space combat and unpredictable encounters with alien races and exotic worlds
  • An innovative hybrid gameplay style effortlessly moves the player between story-driven adventure gaming and fierce space battles in full 1080p HD, while a richly developed trading and customisation system seamlessly links the two modes of play
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