Let the power of rock transform you into a warrior capable of saving the whole of rock /n/ roll. The latest and greatest Guitar Hero features a new story-lead Quest mode, where it/s up to you to defeat the forces of darkness with your musical prowess.

Each character has their own unique powers, which allow for special scoring bonuses and gameplay tricks. Unlock new rock stars and alter egos as you progress and then use them in any of the other game modes, including the all-new Quickplay+ and series regulars such as the four-player Party Play.

To help with the harder challenges there/s also a brand new guitar controller, with a fully customisable base and a new design that/s perfect for shredding. With more than 90 classic rock tracks, from bands ranging from Slipknot to Muse, this is the best value and most featured-packed Guitar Hero ever.




Rock Legend:Transform your guitar heroes into true musical warriors as you take on the forces of evil armed only with the power of rock.

Quest for Glory:Journey through the all-new Quest mode, with Guitar Hero/s first story-led gameplay narrated by KISS/s Gene Simmons.

Fast Access:New Quickplay+ mode lets you play any song or donwlodable content instantly, with the option of 13 different challenges for each track.

Rock Track:Enjoy a massive set list of over 90 songs, featuring bands ranging from Black Sabbath and Megadeth to Slipknot, Queen, Muse and KISS.

Custom Job:New shredding-friendly guitar controller allows for easier customisation than ever before, with a completely removable body design for you to personalise.

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